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Essential Advice About Saddlery Equipment

Horse riding wear

Did you know that the United States horse riding industry generates around $112 billion per year? According to recent estimates, approximately 460,000 people are employed an equestrian industry in which seven million Americans consider themselves hobbyists.

When it comes to horseback riding, safety is the most important thing to both riders and horses. This means that all riders should outfit themselves, and their horses, with the best horse riding clothing and saddlery equipment available. This means proper horse riding apparel, horse riding gloves, riding spurs, and a good pair of riding boots.

As far as boots are concerned, Ariat riding boots, English riding boots, or Tredstep boots will work, because proper b


Dress to Impress A Guide to Horse Riding Equipment

Online equestrian shops

Horse riding in the United States has always been a popular activity for young and old, men and women alike. The horse back riding industry in the United States alone is estimated at $112 billion. It is a pastime that requires some investment from its participants. To compete in horseback riding competitions and shows, finding the right horse riding equipment is essential for making the right impression on the judges.

Paddock boots are a hallmark of horseback riding apparel. They should always have low tread and can be found in most equestrian riding gear shops and come in men’s and women’s sizes. Some may choose to wear horseback riding spurs with their boots. Beyond the boots a show rider will have to other horseback riding apparel such