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Plan Your Outdoor Wedding With the Perfect Tent in Mind

Canopy rentals

If celebrities have taught us anything, it is that outdoor weddings can be the most elegant, memorable ceremonies of all. The lighting, wedding linen rentals, chairs and decor can all match the beautiful surroundings of a spacious and luscious, green backyard or park. Guests can be treated to the open air, and warm breeze, if your wedding is during the summer or where the weather is always kind. You can also shelter your guests with an expansive party tent rental that protects them from any unexpected showers.

While you might shrivel your nose at the idea of enclosing your guests in what often looks like a huge plastic sheet with a point at the top, you may not realize how many tent options you actually have. Many party rental companies offer several different kinds of tents and Continue Reading | No Comments


There is More to Soccer Than Just Kicking a Ball

Teach me how to play soccer

It is no secret that the key to healthy lifestyle is eating right and getting plenty of exercise. This applies to children as well, as they need exercise to release pent up energy from sitting in class all day, and maintain their overall health. The American Heart Association recommends that children over the age of 2 should participate in some sort of exercise for at least an hour every day in order increase their life expectancy, and reduce the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases.

One of the best exercises for children is soccer. Popularly known around the world as “football,” soccer gives children a chance to constantly be on their feet, attentive, and coordinated. One 2010 study conducted by researches at the University of Copenhagen found that soccer provided an overall health and