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The Key to Every Parent’s Sanity

Magnetic building sets

Every parent searches for those things that will entertain their kids and allow them to get chores done, bills paid, and maybe even a bit of peace and quiet. Finding things that will entertain these kids that long AND are good for their education and brain development? That’s practically the parenting holy grail. Educational toys are key for many parents, and a new type could hold the key to happier kids. To learn more about the magic of magnet toys, keep reading.
1) Magnet What? Firs things first: what are magnet toys? Magnet toys encompass a wide variety of children’s toys, including magnetic tiles, magnetic construction toys, and magnetic building toys. The com


4 Tips For Ensuring Maximum Awesome Levels On Your Next Camping Trip


Camping is a great way to get away from it all without going very far–and it’s about five times cheaper than the average domestic vacation! Whether you’re the head of a family planning a trip to some quaint little cabin or a lone ranger looking for good hunting and fishing, the following tips are good catch-alls to help you get the most out of your camping experience:
1. Research The Area
Before going anywhere overgrown by nature, it’s always a good idea to do at least some cursory research into the surrounding flora and fauna. If you’re a parent, this will help you warn your kids about the heavy poison oak off-trail. If you’re a hunter, it’s of course always important to know the game you’re