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Have You Ever Been White Water Rafting?

White water rafting through the grand canyon

Many memories remain after the church youth group trip to the Rocky Mountains. The hiking, the fellowship, the night sky. Of all the memories though the rafting probably tops the list. Racing through the white water rapids on the Colorado River with the mountains on either side is a memory so vivid you can almost still feel the water. Some girls might chose a weekend shopping at the mall and relaxing with friends at the spa, but not you. You chose rafting the rapids instead.

Outdoor activities just seem more wholesome somehow. Instead of collecting more shoes or more jewelry you would rather collect more memories of times together in the great outdoor


Girls Remain a Committed Minority in the World of Amateur and Professional Skateboarding

Surf racks

Since the opening of the first public skateboarding parks in the late 1960s, there has been frequent public opposition to their existence. Although over 10 million people across America report that they like to skateboard regularly, there are only about 500 skate parks across the country. Recently, skateboard activists have started girls skateboard teams in several countries, citing self-confidence and skill development as their goals.

There have always been women involved with the sport of skateboarding: some of the earliest professional skateboarders were women, and current “alternative” sports competitions always include a female division. Girls skateboard in smaller numbers than bo