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3 Tips to Remember While Designing a Playground

Unfortunately, many schools find themselves dealing with outdated playgrounds. In addition, older playgrounds can become potentially dangerous. Statistics show that rebuilding a playground increases play time from children by up to 66%. It’s understandable to wonder what makes a great playground area for children. With that in mind, here are three important considerations to make while rebuilding an outdoor playground.


Father’s Day at the Lake Is a Great Tradition

Father’s Day weekend is just a few days away and there are many families across the country who are making big lans for picnics, days at the lake, and fishing as a family. Although there are some fathers who want to make sure that they are out on the golf course, there are others who want nothing more than to spend Father’s Day enjoying the time at the lake with their entire family. Fishing, skiing, and inner tubing are some of the favorite past times that families enjoy on Father’s Day weekend and many other times during the summer.
In preparation for big weekends at the lake, however, it is important to make sure that the boat is in good repair. In fact, a boat repair shop is often very busy the days leading up to a big weekend like Father’s Day weekend. New boats, used boats, and custom boats all perform better if they are checked out on a regular basis. Whether you are able to take care of the ma