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How Much Boating Were You Able to Do This Summer?

The end of the summer often means a transition from one kind of activity to another. The water skis get put in storage and the pontoon boats are transitioned bak into fishing boats. Arctic cat dealers offer a different kind of outdoor toys. From four wheel drive vehicles that are great in the mud and the sand to other kinds of recreational vehicles that provide fun for the weekend, it is important to make sure that you have the right vehicles for every season.
Whether you are visiting Arctic cat dealers for a new four wheeler or you are getting ready to purchase your first ever snow mobile, there are plenty of options that can keep you busy every season of the year. For many people who love to enjoy outdoor sports, this is exactly the time of year when it is worth the effort to look for possible used boats for sale and other kinds of summer recreational vehicles and accessories. In fact,


Six Questions to Ask When You Think About Marine Carpet Replacement

If you’re one of the many Americans who enjoy boating and fishing, then your marine carpet or boat flooring is very important to you. When it comes time for marine carpet replacement, what are your options? Here are the questions you should be asking before you go looking for new boat flooring options.

  • Think about how you liked your previous carpet. If you’re getting ready for marine carpet replacement, the first question is to ask yourself is how much you liked the original carpet back when it was new? This will help guide you in your next choice in terms of color, thickness, material, and a host of other issues.
  • Ask yourself where it’s going to go. The next important question is to consider what part of the boat you want to be covered. Are you looking to replace carpet over a part that will be constantly exposed to the elements and the sun? A