Are You Looking for a Way to End Your Year on a Healthy Note?

For the last 10 years you have joked about your weight. Before anyone else even had a chance to think about your recent weight problems, you made a crack about the exercise that you get. From attempting to stand on one foot at a time while you put on your underwear, your jeans, and your socks to running from your chair to the refrigerator, you have lots of one liners that make people laugh. Inside, of course, you are really crying. More than any of your friends and family, you are disappointed in how you look, how your clothes fit, and how you little real exercise you get. And while you cannot quite have a serious conversation about the weight that you have gained, you are hoping that the latest fitness class you are taking will help you change.
Your husband has taken jiu jitsu training for the last three years and is more fit than ever before. You have watched a few of his classes, but know that you do not have the balance or the strength to join him. Your daughters have offered t

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