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What Metrics to Use For Accurate NFL Predictions


For fans and analysts seeking accurate NFL predictions, understanding the right metrics is crucial. Cold Hard Football Facts Insider employs two impactful metrics, “Correlation to Victory” and “Predictive Rate of Victory,” to decode the DNA of successful teams.

Correlation to Victory: Unveiling Key Statistics

The first metric, “Correlation to Victory,” delves into the statistical battles that often determine game outcomes. Contrary to traditional beliefs, a higher rushing average doesn’t guarantee success. Instead, passing efficiency, measured by a superior passer rating, emerges as a game-changer.

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Teams with efficient quarterbacks, as indicated by the “real quarterback rating,” boast a higher correlation to victory, winning almost 80% of NFL games. These insights reshape the narrative, emphasizing the critical role of passing proficiency.

Predictive Rate of Victory: Navigating Game Predictions

When it comes to making game predictions, the “Predictive Rate of Victory” metric takes center stage. This metric evaluates how individual statistics forecast game outcomes. The relativity index, showcasing performance relative to opposition quality, consistently predicts winners. With an impressive accuracy rate, reaching almost 70% in the past, the relativity index becomes a powerful tool for those seeking free NFL picks and predictions.

In conclusion, mastering these metrics unveils the keys to NFL success, providing a strategic advantage for predicting game outcomes and making informed free NFL picks and predictions.


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