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What Does a Sports Physical Entail?


Is your child an active participant in school sports? Do they want to be? If so, there are certain things they will need to do that you should be aware of as a parent. The video gives a brief overview of the sports physical they will need to undergo when they go back to school.

Before the sports physical, the school physician will do an overall health assessment. You will need to fill out paperwork and ensure that your child has the required immunizations.

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The physician will then take a history. This will involve asking you and your child about past or current health issues. In the opinion of the physician narrator from the video, it is a good idea to talk to kids about their general lifestyle choices: what they like to eat, how they like to stay active, and their sleeping habits. This will get them thinking about their health and get them used to the idea of doctor visits. When they become adults, they will be able to answer such questions for themselves.

For the sport physical part of this assessment, the physician will take a heart health history to weed out kids who may be at risk for cardiac conditions. They will also take a musculoskeletal history to ensure there are no issues on that front. All this is done to ensure that kids are safe when they are out on the sports playing field.


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