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Tips for Planning an Outdoor Lacrosse Camp for Kids This Summer


Planning an outdoor lacrosse camp for kids this summer could be a fun activity you’ll enjoy participating in. The YouTube video “Boom Town Summer Lax Camp | LET THE KIDS PLAY!” offers viewers a glimpse into this exciting world. The atmosphere is energetic, the games are compelling, and the mood is positive. However, it does require a proper amount of planning. Follow these tips to make your summer camp a success.

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Summer Camp Planning

Firstly, what are your objectives for the event? You may want to focus on skill building, or maybe you’d like to foster a love for the game in beginners, or perhaps you’d like to focus on team-building. Whatever your goal is, it’s essential to clearly define it from the start as it lays the foundation of your planning. The next step is finding a location. Are you thinking about a remote location? Make sure to call for a porta potty rental in Lafayette, LA.

Next, what skill level and age group will you cater to at your camp? You should hire qualified coaches and develop a training program for your base. Hire the appropriate equipment and implement a comprehensive safety plan. Finally, promote your event to attract your target audience. It would be best to communicate with parents regarding any allergies or conditions the attendees may have. Now you know how to plan a successful sports summer camp.


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