Types of Rafting and How They are Done


Colorado river raft trip

If you are a thrill seeking kind of person, you probably have had some exciting experiences in your life. But, have you ever been on in Arizona rafting adventure? There really is nothing quite like white water rafting among the choppy waters. It is a dangerous and exhilarating sport. Not everyone can enjoy this type of thing but if you are ready to get your heart racing and your blood pumping and adrenaline rushing then an Arizona rafting adventure might be a great idea for you. The great thing about Arizona rafting adventures is that there are a few different types of rafting that you can do. Let’s take a look at a few of the types of water adventures that you have available to you.

River rafting
First of all, you should understand that river rafting in and of itself does not describe the adrenaline seeking adventures. It actually is a quite varied sport which can include flat waters and scenic rafting as well as the dangerous white water rafting type of tours. They are a great way to explore something like the Grand Canyon which is why Arizona rafting adventures are such a popular way to see different areas. Here are some different types of rafting to give you an idea of your choices.

White water rafting
White water is typically a very rough water area that presents various challenges for the rowers. There is a lot of risk involved so the need to teamwork is important. White water rafting can typically be enjoyed in individual paddle rafts or in a larger multi person raft. There are different levels of difficulty depending on how experienced you are in the sport. The six levels range from very small rough areas to rapids that are so dangerous that they are basically impossible to navigate and inevitably end in serious injury or death should they be attempted. Most people go white water rafting in Class four or five rapids. These will include medium to large waves with rocks and hazards that need to be maneuvered around as well some large drops.

Black water rafting
So, what is the difference between white water rafting and black water rafting? Well, a lot. It’s actually not a dangerous sport at all, although it can still be exhilarating. Black water rafting is done in the dark. Usually through caves and taverns. The water is clear and calm although there are areas for advancement that include rapids and waterfall drops. Part of what makes this adventure so exciting is that it is difficult to see when the drops are coming up. Because of this, black water rafting is usually done where there are not many rocks and sharp objects to maneuver around since you can not easily see when they are coming up.

Oar rafting
This would typically be enjoyed on calmer waters. Any time you get out on a raft or a boat and take to open waters, there is a danger factor but oar rafting in and of itself is not considered to be dangerous or have a high risk factor. In fact as long as everyone obeys the rules of oar rafting, it can be quite safe and very pleasant. This is a pretty popular option. The rafts are smaller and more agile with an ability to carry about 12 to 16 passengers at a time. There is always a guide there but passengers are usually allowed to row the raft themselves. If the waters do encounter rapids, the guide will usually take over. Part of oar rafting does include some rapids because of where rafting is done so passenger rowing is not a guaranteed part of the experience. Overall, however, the whole experience is much slower paced and relaxed. The guide will have great knowledge of the area including facts and history that everyone can enjoy.

If you plan to check out a valley or canyon that has water sports, then that is one of the best ways to enjoy it. Especially if you are going in the summer when the area is hot, being in the water makes it much nicer to stay out for a long period of time. You still don’t want to forget your sunscreen however!

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