Sports Radio 610 Phantom kamera,Phatom v611,Super high speed camera Turning Pro Why Amateur Photographers are Investing in Professional Slow Motion Cameras

Turning Pro Why Amateur Photographers are Investing in Professional Slow Motion Cameras


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Looking for a way to supplement your income? There are over 60 million small businesses across America, and small business owners know that outreach to new customers is as important as maintaining a visible online presence. Some Americans are turning their hobbies into extra cash: the market for freelance writers, artists, and even photographers continues to grow at an impressive pace. Last year, most photographers made more than $30,000: with the market for high-quality wedding photography at an all-time high, it could be a great time to invest in professional photography equipment.

There are more than 300 million photographs posted on social media websites every day, but only a small percentage qualify as professional-grade photos. Freelance photographers who are looking to establish an online presence are advised to create their own website that can act as a portfolio. And while a vintage camera recently sold for more than $2.5 million at auction, obtaining professional camera equipment should not break the bank.

Most photographers choose to focus on the subjects that interest them the most. With destination weddings on the upswing, freelance photographers may find themselves asked to shoot video reels along with still photographs. Finding the perfect “pro-sumer” camera — a widely-available, affordable camera for professionals — could mean the difference between enthusiastic customer referrals and a sudden lack of clients. Recently, a Phantom Flex4K “super slow motion camera” was attached to a drone: sports photographers and storm chasers alike are extremely interested in being able to capture high-resolution, slow-motion images of sporting events and natural phenomena.

Wedding photographers are also looking for the ability to film in slow motion. Phantom Flex4K users are able to film at 1,000 frames per second and playback at 24 frames per second. Photographers want a full-production machine that is both easy to use and convenient to transport, and customers want variety and depth to their wedding videos. Professionals are looking for integrated controls, digital audio feeds into the camera, standardized outputs for accessories, and a shoulder pad mount that will enable them to take pictures and videos in any environment.

Establishing an online business can be as simple as making a portfolio and doing basic marketing sweeps to find an enthusiastic customer base. Taking the time to create high-quality printed materials like business cards can also help new customers make contact with your freelance photography business. Haven’t found any customers yet? Some photographers ask friends and family members to pose for sample pictures.

Digital high speed cameras like the Phantom Flex4K can also
help small business owners cut down on their operating expenses. Since video and still photographs can be delivered to customers digitally via the internet, the old costs that photographers had to absorb for printing and mailing their work no longer exist. Minimal start up costs and flexible, affordable equipment could boost the next wave of freelance photographers who are searching for niche markets.

Photographers who grew up using handheld video cameras may find themselves having to learn some new terms: a “gigabyte” is a unit of measurement for storage on a computer or digital camera, and cameras that have 64 gigabytes of internal storage can be enhanced with “external hard drives” capable of holding up to two “terabytes,” a much larger unit of storage. Cameras like the Phantom Flex4k can typically handle more than two hours of material, and user manuals can help photogs decide whether they need to shoot uncompressed or compressed raw footage.

Slow motion cameras can help photographers create a sense of drama and excitement for couples who want to film their weddings. Of course, editing software helps photographers process their raw footage, and having a 1000 fps camera is essential. Professional equipment may not make amateur photogs into professionals — there is a big difference between prize-winning photographs and social media “uploads” — but it could help pro freelancers develop and maintain a winning edge.

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