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How Do You Root for Your Favorite Baseball Team? Show Your Support With a Custom Jersey!

Twins jersey

Since you love baseball, chances are that know quite a few facts about the game. While this popular sport began in the United States, the International Baseball Federation now includes players from over 100 countries. If you’ve ever been to Fenway Park, then you know it first opened up in 1912. This makes Fenway Park the oldest venue that continues to host games.

The very first World Series was held in 1903 with the best-of-the-best competing for the title. That first year, the title was won by the Boston Americans. The New York Yankees have won the title 27 times, which puts them at the top with the most World Series’ wins.

Do you watch the World Series at home on your flatscreen or another type of TV? You’re not alone, as roughly 23.4 million people do so as well. It’s interesting to note that about