5 Tips To Conquer Your Motorcycling Fears

Are you procrastinating on dirt biking?

Fear is usually the cause of procrastination. It’s not only about the fear of injury but most of the time, it’s more about the fear of humiliation. But did you know that every professional dirt bikers have their fair share or two about crashing?

As a matter of fact, this is an essential part of this activity. It’s actually what makes it quite popular. Did you know that up to 472,000 motorcycles were sold in the U.S. in 2017?

Motorcycling on dirt is not exactly the same as when you do it on the pavement. Operating your clutch is the same, but how you ride your bike is quite different. The motorcycles themselves are designed differently.

Dirt bikes are furthermore subdivided into 2 types. There are high-performance ones designed for motocross, and then there are trail bikes. At first glance, they look almost exactly the same, though.

For beginners, trail bikes are your best o

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