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How To Choose The Appropriate Electric Skateboard For You


There are sixteen million skateboarding enthusiasts in the United States. In reality, eleven million people participate in skateboarding on a regular basis. People skateboard for fun, but they also transform skateboarding into a profession. For example, Patti McGee was the first female professional skateboarder in 1964. Additionally, there are various types of skateboards for enthusiasts and professionals. One popular type of skateboard is the electric powered skateboard. If you’re a skateboarder, for fun or professionally, here’s how to choose the appropriate electric powered skateboard.

All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Many individuals skate in parks. Skateparks utilize two different types of equipment. One is prefabricated and the other is custom built concrete. For prefabricated the ramps and equipment can be made of wood, plastic, and sheet metal. There are various ramps, half-pipes, quarter pipes, full pipes, spine transfers, handrails, and any number of objects. Skateboarders can practice their skills on any equipment they see fit. However, not all skateboarders skate in skateparks. For the skateboarder that enjoys skating on busy streets, sidewalks, and steps of any kind, an all terrain electric skateboard will suit your needs. This electric powered skateboard allows you to practice and test your skills anywhere. It’s not just appropriate for urban environments, but for countryside environments as well. Many of these boards have the ability to function in dirt, over rocks, and stones without any difficulty. These boards can reach high speeds while staying stable. All terrain electric skateboards are lightweight yet durable; riding through the roughest form of terrain. There are a variety of off road skateboards you can purchase. If you want to skate down streets and down dirt roads, this skateboard is ideal for you.

Automatic Longboard

There are some skateboarders who participate in more than just skateboarding. They participate in long boarding as well. Long boarding began as a way for surfers to practice their skill. For surfers who weren’t satisfied with the waves of the day, they engaged in what they called sidewalk surfing. Today, long boarding is used for traveling, downhill racing, and cruising. It’s different than most electric powered skateboards because of its size and shape. A longboard has a wheel size that is different than skateboards, so it tends to be faster. It is also longer than a skateboard so there is plenty of room for the boarder. The size, shape, and wheel size makes moving more fluid and dance-like than the motions of riding a skateboard. Automatic longboards are ideal for those who engage in downhill racing. If this is your sport, you’ll want an automatic longboard. You can perform in any situation with speed, movement, and durability. However, it is important to note that some long boarders have reported one danger. Unlike, all terrain electric skateboards, some automatic longboards cannot withstand a pebble or stone. One pebble or stone caused the boarder to be thrown off the board. There are some automatic longboards that may withstand all terrain, look out for those backfire longboards!

Remote Control Skateboard

This electric powered skateboard requires a remote control for use. A remote control operates the acceleration, braking, and changing of direction. A remote control skateboard is different than regular skateboards and automatic skateboards, because it has two brushless motors connected to the wheels. This gives the board a lot of power. The remote control skateboard requires more prep time than all terrain electric skateboards and automatic longboards. You have to synch the remote to the board. Although, this skateboard is easier to learn how to ride than regular skateboards. Since you have a remote control, you can decide when you want to stop any movement. This is ideal for safety. There’s a less chance of you falling off your board when you ride a remote control skateboard. This electric powered skateboard is not ideal for all terrain. It’s ideal for transportation on streets and sidewalks. If you use skateboards as your main source of transportation, or enjoy riding on streets and sidewalks, this board is right for you. Additionally, if you like extra safety or want to teach children how to ride skateboards, this board is right for you, too.

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