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The Difference Between Wood and Vinyl Shutters


When it comes to the shutters in our home, we mostly think of how well they fit into the design. It’s also important to take into account the functionality of the shutter. In this article, we are going to take a look at how wood and vinyl shutters compare to each other.

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One benefit of wood shutters is that they can be painted in a wide variety of ways. This gives you a lot more design freedom. A problem with wood shutters is that they chip easily. Especially if you paint them, you can see chips in the paint over time. The sun will also have a negative impact on the health of wood shutters.

Vinyl shutters may not have as much freedom as wood shutters, but they do have durability. Vinyl shutters are not going to chip like wood shutters, and they will have a higher lifespan. Another benefit of vinyl shutters is that they can be made to look like wood. This means if you pick the right vinyl shutters you can have the durability of vinyl, with the design impact of wood.

Overall, the decision is up to you. You should choose the option that you feel most comfortable with. Next time you are picking out window treatments, take these facts into account.


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