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Five Items You Can’t Leave off of Your Camping Checklist

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Last year, more than 43 million Americans went camping, and that number has been steadily increasing for years. Between 2010 and 2012, 3 million more people decided to try camping for the first time. From heading to the campgrounds to booking a cabin by the lake, there are plenty of beautiful outdoor spots to choose for a camping trip with friends and family. The success of that trip, however, depends on having the right camping gear to stay safe, comfortable, and entertained.

Most people know that they need items like food, water, tents, and sleeping bags on their camping checklists, but there’s more to camping than those essentials. Here are five types of supplies that you won’t want to leave at home when you go camping:


One of the most popular items among campers, e


What Everyone Ought To Know About Martial Arts

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Numerous studies have shown the benefits of keeping your child active. They develop strong muscles and bones, gain interactive and social skills, maintain their weight, and have better mental outlooks on things, among other benefits. Play is an important part of a child’s life and unfortunately, not enough children are getting the exercise they need. Only one in three children are getting the physical activity they need every day. Part of this is due to the new technology culture prevalent among young children. Today, kids spend on average over seven and a half hours every day staring at some kind of screen, be it a TV screen, a videogame, computer, cell phone, etc. For children who shy away from traditional sports like soccer, football, or running, parents aren’t sure what to engage