Five Essential Components to Include When You Build Your Dock

Dock float

Between dock hardware and the power pedestal, you have quite a project on your hands if you want to fully furnish your dock or marina. Here are five suggestions for components that will make your dock safer, more convenient, and more aesthetic.

  1. Dock ladder.
  2. A dock ladder is perhaps most convenient when the least convenient thing happens. If someone falls off the dock, you will grateful for the dock ladder which is accessible from the water, and can help either you or your friend back onto dry land.

  3. Dock bumper.
  4. A dock bumper is essential to protect your boat from damage. You can select a bumper made out of rubber, polyester textile, PVC compound, or marine-grade vinyl. It is important to have a dock bumper placed on corners and wherever you boat will jostle up against the dock.

  5. Power pedestal.
  6. A power pedestal allows you to access electricity dockside. They can require extensive planning, layout, and wiring, with considerations that will have to include the layout of the circuit, size of the transformer, voltage requirements, and more. When you get a power pedestal placed, be sure you work with a knowledgeable marina supplier.

  7. Dock box.
  8. A dock box can be triangular or rectangular, and built of fiberglass or polyethylene. Look for a dock box made out of fiberglass, which will not fade, discolor, warp, or sag.

  9. Pile cap.
  10. The pile cap enhances your dock visually, by protecting pilings from water damage, and also discouraging birds from resting or nesting on them.

Durable, quality materials are essential to protecting your boat and your dock. However you choose to furnish and enhance your dock, consider pile caps, dock boxes, power pedestals, dock bumpers, and dock ladders to increase its aesthetics, convenience, and function.

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  • October 24, 2013 at 9:20 am |

    I find this really helpful. I am considering building a dock soon and I had no idea there was so much more involved than just a wooden structure.

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