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Dedicated Sports Fan? Stay Current by Listening to Sports Radio


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According to a report from EFA Global Marketing, at least three quarters of the households in the world have access to the radio, even in developing countries. Statistics from Pew Research suggest that, in the United States alone, radio reaches more than 241.3 million listeners every week. While many listen to Top 40 radio to hear their favorite songs, others might tune in to get updates about the latest global news stories. Others still will listen to online sports radio stations free programming in order to keep up with their favorite teams and players. Listening to streaming sports radio is a great option for die hard fans who don’t want to miss any new developments.

Based on the total number of listeners, news and talk radio are the most popular types of radio stations in the United States. That group can include sports stations who pride themselves in providing listeners with the latest news about sports teams and players. They will not only offer insights and analysis about last night’s big games, but also information about off-field issues that players might be dealing with. As a result, sports radio programs are a great resource for fans who want to keep up with every player and league.

Though streaming sports radio online might be relatively new, sports radio itself has been around for decades. The first all sports network was launched in 1964, and in March of that year, Bill Mazer became the first man to host a sports radio show. Individual games and updates had been broadcast for years before that, but the new network revolutionized the type of information that sports fanatics could hear on the radio.

Online radio sports programming today might actually be a better option than traditional AM and FM options. Choosing to listen to sports talk radio online will allow you to get crystal clear sound right through your computer. Plus, it can be more convenient because many shows are replayed or broadcast multiple times throughout the day. On top of that, streaming sports radio lets fans listen from anywhere by connecting with a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. As a result, online sports radio is further revolutionizing the way fans listen and helping more people than ever before keep up with the teams and athletes that they root for.

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