3 Tips to Remember While Designing a Playground


Unfortunately, many schools find themselves dealing with outdated playgrounds. In addition, older playgrounds can become potentially dangerous. Statistics show that rebuilding a playground increases play time from children by up to 66%. It’s understandable to wonder what makes a great playground area for children. With that in mind, here are three important considerations to make while rebuilding an outdoor playground.

  • Figure Out Space Concerns

    The first step is to determine that amount of space you’ll be able to work with. In turn, this helps to narrow down the type of equipment you’ll be able to use. No matter whether you’re working with small or large spaces, there’s a lot of playground equipment for sale that can meet small space requirements. Many experts recommend including areas where children can engage in multiple types of play. Active play areas will need space for children to run around. Social play areas allow children to relax and talk with one another.
  • Include Areas for Younger Children

    Many believe that the first actual playground was invented 130 in Boston, Massachusetts. Since this time, there has existed popular playground equipment for children of all ages. While many schools have standard equipment for children to enjoy, it’s important that the youngest attendees have toys to play with for themselves. For younger students, horse spring riders are classic pieces of playground equipment. You can also include bucket swings for younger students to swing in without the fear of them falling backward.
  • Have Staff Monitor All Outside Play

    As children play on new outdoor playground equipment, ensure there are adequate staff members available to monitor this play. Children might need a few days to adjust to playing on new types of equipment. Having extra staff helps children play safely while being there for a child should an accident occur. Even children playing on new horse spring riders should be actively monitored.

To summarize, it’s important that school children are able to utilize a playground. Having a playground to utilize helps children receive exercise. Unfortunately, one recent study found that only 43% of children ages six to 11 years old received the recommended hour of exercise each day. Playgrounds allow children to exercise and have a great time together.

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