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5 Tips for Keeping Your Dirt Bike in Great Shape


People all over the world love motorcycling, boating, and snowmobiling. Others love riding around on all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and dirt bikes. If you have a dirt bike, you know how important it is to keep your dirt bike and the dirt bike equipment in great shape. Here are some tips to keep all of your stuff in good shape for as long as possible.

  1. Keep an eye on your air filter. Neglecting air filters is a bad thing all around. The process doing this for dirt bike equipment is more complicated than in other areas but it is crucial to maintaining the life and health of the dirt bike. It is important to take serious safety precautions when you are taking it apart. This piece of dirt bike equipment can be full of debris and dust, some of which can be harmful if it gets into your eye. Cleaning the filter each time the bike is ridden will help a lot. Other air filter tips:
    • Make sure the oil coverage is sufficient.
    • Get good quality air filters. They last longer and will work better.
    • Keep extra air filters around.
  2. Do not neglect the brake pads. Few pieces of dirt bike equipment are as crucial for the safe riding of any kind of bike than the brake pads. They need to be checked and changed on a regular basis. In addition to making the brakes less effective, which makes using the dirt bike more dangerous to ride, ignoring the brake pads will end up doing lots of damage to the bike itself. When the brake pad wears away, it can ruin the brake rotor. Measure the brake pads when you get them and keep an eye on how much smaller they get as you ride the dirt bike.
  3. Check and change the oil regularly. You would not forget about your engine oil for your car and truck. The reasons you would not do that to your car or truck ring true for your dirt bike. Few things can kill your engine faster than neglecting the oil. If you do not check your oil as often as needed and do not change it as a consequence, your engine can overheat. Experts recommend taking a look at the oil and the oil level before each ride to make sure it is where it needs to be. Over time, the oil that cools the engine disintegrates so you also have to change out the oil from time to time to make sure it can do the important job it has.
  4. Keep your chain at the right tension. When it comes to caring for dirt bike equipment, the chain tension is often forgotten. Your chain is there to move the rotational energy to the back wheel from the engine. That is crucial to the operation of the dirt bike. it is incredibly important to make sure the tension is where it needs to be. If your chain is too loose, you run the risk of losing a sprocket. If you have the chain on too tightly, it can break while you are riding. That is a very bad thing to happen. In addition to making sure the tension is correct, the chain itself needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. After you have cleaned it, you should add some lubrication to make sure your chain can do its job.
  5. There are other fluids in your bike, check them! It is easy to forget about the brake and radiator fluids but that will make your dirt biking a lot less fun if these are ignored too long. There are a number of ways you can lose these liquids. These levels need to be checked before you go out for a ride on your bike. The engine needs to be completely cool. It can be very dangerous to check these after you have gone for a ride. The time to see that you are low on brake fluid is not when you are in the middle of the ride.

Keeping your dirt bike equipment in good shape will help keep you out riding your dirt bike for a long time.

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