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Cheerleaders and Pom PomsGo Together Like a Wink and a Smile


Cheerleader pom poms

Cheerleading has evolved throughout the years from what it once was and has become more a sport, hosting its very own meets and competitions. What started out in 1897 with three male cheerleaders at Princeton University, has become a championship sport comprised mostly of teams of females, cheering for sports teams of every kind. When they are not cheering on their team, they are competing on their own ground against other cheerleading squads.

Youth cheerleading pom poms are a fun accessory used by cheerleaders and spectators at junior varsity and varsity sports games, as well as at professional games. Now, for anyone who has not yet had the pleasure of actually holding and shaking a pom pom, it is a fluffy ball created by loose strands of material that can be made of plastic, wool, cotton or paper. Sometimes it can even be made of feathers. Youth cheerleading pom poms usually radiate team colors; however, they are available in a wide variety of colors and color combinations. Likewise, metallic pom poms have become increasingly popular in recent years. Small pom poms, called bobbles, are manufactured that are just the right size for sports fans to pin on their clothing.

In addition to cheerleading squads, many schools now have dance teams that also use pom poms. These dance teams are referred to as Poms Squads. Some of the Poms Squad’s dance routines are built solely around the use of the pom poms. Young girls who take part in cheerleading as a sport and Poms Squads dance teams enjoy several advantages. In addition to the fun and the exercise these activities provide, statistics reflect that females who get involved in high school sports are less likely to become involved in drugs by 92%. In addition, students who participate in some kind of sport are more likely to be active when in their 20’s than young people who do not go out for sports.

Youth cheerleading pom poms have really won their place in sports throughout the years. As cheerleading has continued to rise through the ranks and come into its own, tried and true cheerleader pom poms have gained their popularity too. Besides megaphones, pom poms are the only accessory cheerleaders use, and, therefore, have become an esteemed part of sports. Even artwork depicts cheerleaders holding these sparkling embellishments. What is a cheerleader without her pom poms?

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