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Common Rookie Fly Fishing Mistakes That People Make


Fly fishing has become one of the most popular pastime activities in recent times. However, there are common rookie mistakes that people make when they start fly fishing. It is every fly fisherman’s dream to inspire confidence when fly fishing. By avoiding the following mistakes, you will become the angler that everyone looks up to. Some of the common things you need in fly fishing are fly rod reels, fly fishing outfit, a fly fishing tackle bag a fly rod. What you need to understand is that using the right tools in fly fishing is what makes the difference. For example, always choose fly rod reels that are right for you or the right fly rod brands.

Not Being Stealthy
Stealth makes a huge difference in fly fishing. However, rookie fishermen lack this important quality and can be seen stumbling along the stream while scaring fish away even before they begin casting. To acquire stealth, you need to have a quiet approach and wade slowly in the trout stream. This can be done either from behind or from the side of the stream. The idea is to remain out of sight or crate any disturbance or waves in the water. Before you even start making long casts, make sure that you have the ability to softly land your fly fishing line.

Fishing the Wrong Water
Trout are known to make regular changes in the water that they spend time in. these changes can be yearly, seasonally and even different times of the day. Rookie anglers will just walk to any water and simply cast their fly fishing lines without even understanding the water condition. There are different factors that you need to consider in order to read the water. First, think about the oxygen needs off trout and try and read the water from there. You can also think about the food to know whether the water supports trout presence. An example of how to read the water is that trout found in riffles are known to feed a lot.

Poor Knots
This is a common rookie mistakes for beginners starting out in fly fishing. Poor knots often cause losses of both bugs and fish. While beginner anglers are the one who face the greatest challenge when tying knots, even some intermediate fly fishermen too have experienced cases of poor knots. This shows you just how challenging the exercise is. You can master the art of tying good knots by watching tutorials online and trying to practice these techniques before you venture out in your next fly fishing expedition. There are two main types of knots that every fly fisherman should know. The first one is the surgeon’s knot that is used to attach tippet and the clinch knot that you tie a fly to. You can learn other complex knots as you improve your proficiency in fly fishing.

Of course you should not expect fly fishing to be easy especially if you are a beginner. Those who are experts in fly fishing did not automatically acquire their proficiency. It was through using the right techniques and avoiding common rookie mistakes in fly fishing. By avoiding these mistakes, you will soon find yourself as a proficient angler and catching more trout than before. Before you cast your line, try and have a plan, internalize your technique and avoid the mistakes outline above. People experience challenges when fly fishing not because of inexperience but not using the right tools. If the fly rod reels used are the right ones, then you can expect to have the best fishing experience compared to a person using the wrong fly rod reels. The next time you go fly fishing, try and have a plan beforehand and you will soon become an expert angler in no time.

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