Eight Tips and Tricks for the Best Outdoor Party


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We are well into outdoor party season now, but never fear! If you haven’t yet hosted a summer bash, there is still plenty of time and there are always professional party rental companies to help you out along the way.

With more than 3,245 party rental supply companies in the nation who collectively employ around 34,610 people, every one of them is trained to make sure your outdoor party looks spectacular. So without further ado, here are the top eight tips and tricks to throwing the best summer party.

  • Summer glow: Outdoor lighting rental equipment will make your party last long into the night. It is no fun when the sun goes down and you and your entourage are left in the dark. Create ambiance with rustic rented light fixtures and lawn torches.
  • Munchies: We all know everyone gathers where the food is, so introduce a Mexican-inspired theme to your snacks this summer. Guacamole is always a big hit when the warm weather kicks in, and there’s also nothing wrong with a salted rimmed glass to accompany this dip.
  • Refreshments: What would a party be without some cold drinks? An outdoor bar rental may be the best decision you will ever make. A fully stocked bar with someone to serve you really would be a dream come true for your guests.
  • Red hot: It would be best to have a fire pit to keep your guests warm on a cool summer night or offer a place to roast s’mores. However, if you are having a large party, it might be best to look into an outdoor heater rental. Outdoor heater rentals can be placed virtually anywhere and won’t cost you too much.
  • Keep on giving: Goody bags don’t have to be for your kid’s birthday parties anymore. Give your guests gifts at the end of the night. A bottle of homemade BBQ sauce or a summery wreath are great options.
  • Stock up: In order to splurge on your party rental equipment, save big bucks by stocking up on summer party food. Look for “family size” bags in chips and other munchies, and always try to buy your drinks in the largest container option available.
  • Be crafty: There are plenty of DIY craft options out there on the Internet, so feel free to find a colorful, fun decoration that can withstand the summer heat. This is a cheap way to decorate your house so you can splurge on other party rental essentials.
  • Tents: Outdoor party tent rentals are a must if you plan on having more than 30 guests at your place. You wouldn’t want people crowding inside your kitchen and living room if they need shade, so why not provide a tent to keep them outside and give you room to use the kitchen?

The party rental industry earns around $2 billion in annual revenue because people understand the importance of and need for throwing a great summer party. Look into your local rental company today to plan your next party.

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