Have You Ever Been White Water Rafting?


White water rafting through the grand canyon

Many memories remain after the church youth group trip to the Rocky Mountains. The hiking, the fellowship, the night sky. Of all the memories though the rafting probably tops the list. Racing through the white water rapids on the Colorado River with the mountains on either side is a memory so vivid you can almost still feel the water. Some girls might chose a weekend shopping at the mall and relaxing with friends at the spa, but not you. You chose rafting the rapids instead.

Outdoor activities just seem more wholesome somehow. Instead of collecting more shoes or more jewelry you would rather collect more memories of times together in the great outdoors. If this describes your attitude toward outdoor adventure, you are not alone. In fact, more than three of every four Americans say that they value their time outdoors. Mix in a group of friends and one of the seven wonders of the world and you simply cannot go wrong.
Grand Canyon white water rafting trips and tours can be as rugged or as easy as you want. You and your group can camp under the stars if you make your reservations enough ahead of time and have several days to spend outdoors, or you can go for a less rugged, shorter adventure. Booking a trip through a river rafting trip company, you can even have a luxurious charter bus pick up from one of several pick up spots in cities like Las Vegas. While your time on the river will be anything but a smooth ride, the same charter bus can return you days later to your same pick up location.
While you are having the time of your life you will also be able to see up close one of the world’s most spectacular and historical views. Interestingly enough, this much visited landform is neither the longest or the widest gorge in the world. Carved out by the Colorado River some five million years ago, the Grand Canyon is nearly ten miles wide from rim to rim, and its average depth is one mile. The winding river covers 277 miles, as the crow flies the canyon can be crossed by foot in 21 miles. If, however, you wanted to drive the perimeter of the open gorge it would take nearly five hours because that path would be 251 miles from beginning to end.
Whether you are looking for an opportunity to relive fond memories of the past, or you are wanting to create new memories of a much talked about wonder, a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon will likely exceed your greatest expectations.

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