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How Much Do Weatherproof Aluminum Bleachers Cost?


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Many fall and spring weekends are the same no matter where you live in America. Whether you live on the plains of Nebraska, the valley in California, or the wooded land of Vermont, many parents find themselves outside watching sporting events whenever the weather is nice. And when you are a spectator, finding a good seat matters. Weather proof aluminum bleachers provide seating for many soccer moms, football dads, and track families.
Nearly 35 million children play some kind of organized sport every year. In fact, the latest survey results show that 60% of children play sports outside of school. These numbers decrease once students reach college, but at that level providing weatherproof seating becomes even more important.
Large crowds funnel in and out of stadiums for soccer matches and track meets, as well as baseball and football games. The type of seating these larger venues offer their spectators often determines how many people you can pack into a venue.
While the high school sporting events may have a couple of hundred fans for a game, college and professional teams capitalize on America’s love for sport, and pack in thousands of spectators. The average baseball stadium, for instance, holds 47,000 people. The average football stadium can seat as many as 70,000.
Weatherproof commercial outdoor seating is also used in amphitheaters and concert venues. Wheelchair friendly bleachers that are ADA compliant provide an option for guests with special needs, as well as older audience members.
What kind of seating do you provide for your parents and other spectators? If you are in the process of determining your seating options for a new venue, or if you are considering updating the seating for a current gymnasium of outdoor field, aluminum bleacher seats may be your best option. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes to match your team colors and your expected crowd size. Working with a seating specialist can help you determine the best weatherproof option for your venue.

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