How to Choose the Right Waders


Wading boots come in a large variety of styles and sizes depending on what they are used for. Some are the size of a normal boot and offer waterproof features while others go all the way up to your waist and resemble overalls. The kind that you buy strongly depends on what you plan to use them for, because some tasks require more exposure to water than others.

Hunting Waders

Hunting boots and waders vary in style, so it’s best to consider what you will be hunting and where. If you’re duck hunting in areas that will have ponds, you might want hip waders or even chest waders. Consider how much exposure to water you will have and whether or not you will actually have to get into a body of water to hunt. Hunting deer in dryer areas may only require a pair of waterproof wading shoes. You can also purchase camo hunting waders as well.

Fishing Waders

Chest and hip waders are a great option for fishing, because they give you a great deal of coverage. You can walk further out into the water with hip waders and even have extra protection from splashing if you choose chest waders. Consider how you like to do your fishing and how much you plan to interact with the water before deciding what to buy.

Waterproof Boots

In some cases a pair of short, waterproof boots may suffice. If you like hiking moist trails and visiting low creaks and streams, you should consider these. They provide great protection and comfort, but fit like a normal boot. They are also good for working on farms in wet weather so that you don’t soak your feet as your out performing your usual duties.

Choosing the right pair of waders for you strongly depends on how and where you intend to use them. Take time to consider how much water exposure you are expecting and whether you need full coverage or just enough to keep your feet dry. No matter what activity you are partaking in, from fishing to hunting to hiking, there is a pair of waterproof boots or waders for you.

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