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Keeping Your Kid Healthy And Fit Sign Up For Summer Camps


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Did you know children don’t stop growing until they’re 18 or 19 years old? It can be difficult balancing a busy schedule and giving them the best opportunities for physical and emotional development, but fret not. Summer camps are fundamentally designed around ideal kids nutrition, kids fitness and helping your young ones realize their full social and physical potential at an affordable price. Plus, it frees you up so you can focus on work or errands! Let’s take a look at day camps in the States and what they can do for your family.

Day Camps In The U.S.

A recent survey found the number of day camps in the United States have increased by a whopping 90% in the past 20 years! Parents around the country have been jumping onto the day camp bandwagon for its social and physical health benefits, with more than 11 million children and adults attending camp yearly. While there’s always the option to travel, there are multiple well-reputed day camps within each state that are in reach of most neighborhoods.

Nutrition Necessities

Kids need routine exercise and varied meals to meet their quota for healthy growth. It’s estimated only 1 in 3 children are physically active every day, which increases their risk for common illnesses such as diabetes and weakened immune systems. Popular ’empty calories’ foods, such as chips and dairy desserts, are well-loved by children but don’t often give them the nutrition they need! Swapping out that Pop Tart for an apple and encouraging them to play on the swing set for a half hour will go a long way in making sure they’re meeting their bare minimum.

Benefits Of Attending A Camp

Whether it’s a day camp or a beach camp, you can rest assure that your child or children will have routine supervision as they attend soccer, hike and do artistic activities with their peers. Some even have swimming lessons, which are essential life skills that should be learned early on to prevent drowning (children ages one to four are at the highest risk). Last, but not least, giving your children an active and playful environment encourages them to make friends and get to know people! With all these perks, it’s no wonder day camps have become the number one choice for busy parents who want the best kids nutrition, inside and out.

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