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Learn How to Scuba Dive and Travel the World!


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Since you’re interested in taking scuba classes, were you aware that there are quite a few people that love to go scuba diving? Approximately 500,000 people in the United States become certified scuba divers every year, which demonstrates how much fun and exhilarating this sport can be. The most scuba divers are in the Netherlands, however. Recent figures show that 1 out of every 7 Netherlanders is a certified scuba diver.

During 2013, there were between 2.7 and 3.5 million scuba divers active in the United States. Another 6 million individuals were involved with scuba diving throughout the world. Many divers enjoy traveling across the globe to find interesting destinations to experience and explore.

In 2014, it was estimated that 547,000 adults between the ages of 18 and 24 participated in scuba diving. This indicates that there are even more young adults interested in taking scuba diving courses and receiving their certifications. In fact, between 2011 and 2015, the number of young adults that participated went from 275,000 to 567,000!

Both men and women receive scuba training and become certified. In 2014, for example, 65% of the open water or entry level divers were men, and women accounted for the remaining 35%. In the following year, 3.27 million Americans went scuba diving.

While scuba divers throughout the United States and elsewhere may make millions of solo dives, others choose to go scuba diving with a friend or group. When you’re first learning, you’ll need to practice scuba diving with a certified instructor, however.

Once you begin to practice scuba diving, your instructor will stress safety protocols and other important information. After you’ve been taking scuba diving lessons for a while, you will learn about the certification requirements as well as the different types of certifications.

After you’ve become accustomed to scuba diving, you may want to go on a few field trips with your class or a group of friends. Since there are so many awesome places to go scuba diving, you may want to make a list of these destinations. Whenever you have a free weekend or vacation coming, you can spend this time in the water enjoying scuba diving.

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