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Main Factors to Consider When Purchasing Pickleball Equipment


2016 saw pickleball mark its 51st Anniversary, having been invented in 1965. Pickleball is a lightweight sport that resembles ping pong, badminton, and tennis. Most of the pickleball elements borrow heavily from ping pong, and most people consider pickleball as an advanced form of ping pong. Pickleball has grown in popularity in North America, especially among people aged 55 and above. This is because pickleball is easy to learn, has friendly rules, and does not demand a lot of intensity from the players when hitting the pickleball or returning service. People of all ages enjoy pickleball, and the sport has become a hobby for the majority of people looking to pick up a more enjoyable sport.

One of the key things to being successful in pickleball is choosing the right pickleball equipment. You not only need to be comfortable on the court, but you also need to be safe. The pickleball gear that you need includes pickleball paddle, pickleball, pickleball nets, pickleball shirts, pickleball shorts, and comfortable sports shoes. Additionally, you will need a well-marked pickleball court to play on. The standard pickleball court measures 20 feet by 40 feet. To put it into perspective, it is the size of a standard badminton court.

When picking your pickleball equipment, you must buy from the renowned dealers. Here are the main factors to consider when buying pickleball equipment.

Durability and Reliability

You need to ascertain that you choose pickleball gear that will give you quality service for a long time. You should start by selecting the right pickleball paddle. There are many factors to consider when buying a pickleball paddle. They include the material that makes the paddle, the weight of the paddle, and the grip of the paddle. Most pickleball paddles are made of light aluminum material that makes the paddle light for most people. However, you could choose wooden paddles that are much heavier. It comes down to your taste and comfortability. Ensure that your paddle has the right grip. You do not want it to slip from your hand while hitting the ball as you would easily dislocate your elbow.

For the pickleball, the key lies in picking the right type. You can choose either the outdoor pickleball or the indoor pickleball. If you play on an outdoor court, go with the outdoor pickleball, for an indoor court, choose the indoor pickleball. Pickleballs are tailor-made to fit each environment. Additionally, also make sure you get the right-sized pickleball net. The net should be 34 inches high in the middle and 36 inches high on both ends. Most pickleball courts have a fixed net, but it is important to have one in case of exceptions.

When it comes to selecting pickleball apparel, comfortability is the main factor to consider. As the sport involves a lot of running to and fro on the court, ensure that you can comfortably run in your pickleball clothes and that they accommodate your sweat. You also need to get it right with the sports shoes that you choose. The sports shoes should have a tight grip that will prevent you from sliding on the court and sustaining injuries from a fall.

The Cost of the Pickleball Equipment

Usually, price should be the last item on your checklist. Before being influenced by the cost, first, ensure that the equipment ticks all the other requirements that you need. However, the quality of the equipment may influence the price, but there are other business factors involved too. It is important to settle for quality first then consider the cost. To make sure you get the best value for your money, you can check the price of various pickleball gear on sites.

When shopping for the right pickleball equipment, you should consider the quality of materials used to make them as it influences how good the equipment is going to serve your pickleball needs. It is also advisable to purchase your pickleball gear from dealers who are well versed in pickleball needs.

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