Sports Radio 610 Kubota dealers in alabama,Kubota zero turn mowers,Zero turn mower Need a New Lawn Mower? Take This Quiz to Find the Best Fit for You

Need a New Lawn Mower? Take This Quiz to Find the Best Fit for You


If you’re looking into getting a new lawn mower, it may seem overwhelming. Take this quiz to find out what mower best fits your needs!

What Kind Of Yard Do You Have?

A. Small to an average-sized yard. One that usually accompanies a single family home.
B. Large but nothing insane. Close to an acre but nothing I can’t handle.
C. I more or less live on a farm with close to 2 acres of land.

Are You Comfortable With The Amount Of Time It Takes You To Mow Your Lawn
A. I don’t mind it taking so long. I use my weekends to tend to the yard.
B. It takes a little longer than I would like but it’s manageable.
C. It takes way too long. I would like to cut down the time it takes significantly.

How Much Are You Willing To Spend On A New Mower?

A. Nothing more than a few hundred dollars. I don’t want to break the bank.
B. I’m comfortable looking at more expensive options.
C. I’ll pay whatever I need to. Money is not an object.

If You Answered Mostly A’s

Having a lawn mower is necessary for you but not something that you obsess over. Your best option is a traditional mower. A machine that will get the job done without all the bells and whistles is all you need. Look at brands at your local hardware store for the right fit.
If You Answered Mostly B’s

You have a few more needs than a traditional single family home has, meaning you may need to look to upgrade past a traditional lawn mower. Tractors are an affordable option that will eliminate a portion of your cut time. Also look into mower package deals which could help with your other landscape needs at a decent price.
If You Answered Mostly C’s

Living on such large plots of lands come with their challenges. More than likely than not you already own a tractor and if you’re looking to upgrade your best option will be a zero turn mower. These machines are slick and move much quicker than your average tractor. They are more on the expensive side but if you’re looking at this section that doesn’t appear to be a problem for you. It would also be a good idea to look into both mower package deals and tractor package deals to help cut costs where you can.
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