Pay Attention to Your Wedding Linens!


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As the wedding season approaches, couples are closing in on the final touches for their big day. For a summer wedding, most couples would already have taken care of their party tent rental, if it is an outdoor soiree, as well as their chair and table rentals, and most other major elements.

But some of the most important details that can make a wedding stand out relate to how a couple decides to decorate the guests’ tables. The right wedding linens rentals matter, as well as the table napkin rentals, and chair cover rentals. These components of a ceremony can add a significant level of appeal and sophistication, and demonstrate just how much effort the couple went to in order to create most memorable experience.

Here are few things couples will want to consider when they pick out wedding linens rentals.

  • Venue. Outdoor weddings are fairly popular, and one study shows that about 35% of weddings are held in gardens, parks, beaches and other outdoor locations. In these cases, couples may want to think about going with ivory or white as their linen color. The outdoors offer a wide variety of colors that add enough zeal, and will enhance the overall beauty of the ceremony. By electing more extravagant linens that have designs or decorations, couples may be taking away from the natural beauty a park or their backyard provide, especially during the summer time.
  • Lighting. Whether a wedding is held indoors or outdoors, the lighting will make a difference when picking linens. If the wedding is at night, it may be appropriate to find linens that add a sparkle. For example, hints or specks of gold or silver in the cloth could stand out during the night time, and mirror the shine of stars on a clear night. On the other hand, couples could also work with a wedding planner to install brighter lights inside a wedding tent for an al fresco wedding, and then go with sharp, striking, colored linens despite the time of day.
  • The Season. The right color for wedding linens is usually also influenced by the time of year. Summer weddings often feature softer colors that highlight floral accents, and rely less on the darker burgundy colors of the fall. Some summer colors that are popular include green, pink, and and light blue, and similar hues can also be used throughout the wedding to tie together a theme.

Of all the details to take care of during a wedding, the decor will be critical to setting the tone of the ceremony. By looking at the wedding linens rentals, the chairs, the flower arrangement, and all the party rental accessories, guests will immediately get a sense of just how much a couple’s nuptials mean to them. More.

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