Race Bib Coasters Gift Ideas For Runners


Running medal hooks

Did you know that in 2012, more than 57 million Americans went for a run, jog, or sprint at least once? Did you know that there are 2,000 half-marathons in the U.S. every year and, furthermore, 500,000 marathon runners as well? Baseball may be considered America’s pastime but perhaps running, either competitively or simply as an exercise, should be considered a runner-up (no pun intended).

There are millions of runners — that is, people who run at least occasionally — in the U.S. but for every runner out there, there are even more runners gifts lying in wait. The only thing better for a runner besides crossing the finish line is crossing the finish line and receiving a gift at the end! Personalized gifts for runners are a wonderful way to show that special someone — a friend, a relative, a partner, a coworker — just how they and their running mean to you.

Personalized running gifts come in many shapes and sizes. From race bib coasters to running socks, there are a number of gift ideas to choose from, including:

  • Runners car magnets
  • Runners wine glasses
  • Running medal hooks
  • Runners headbands
  • Runners LED lights
  • Running decals
  • Running bumper stickers
  • Running necklaces, and even
  • Running beer goggles!

There are many more gifts out there but the important thing is to remember that running gifts are a wonderful way to show a runner just how much you care. Running is not only a great sport and kind of exercise, it is also a great type of social bonding. Running in all its forms — from the marathon to the 5k to the simple jog in the part before work — is nearly universal in its application and practice. And so are the gifts.

What do you think about running? Do you or anyone you know own race bib coasters or running necklaces? Feel free to leave a comment or question at the bottom.

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