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Six Questions to Ask When You Think About Marine Carpet Replacement


If you’re one of the many Americans who enjoy boating and fishing, then your marine carpet or boat flooring is very important to you. When it comes time for marine carpet replacement, what are your options? Here are the questions you should be asking before you go looking for new boat flooring options.

  • Think about how you liked your previous carpet. If you’re getting ready for marine carpet replacement, the first question is to ask yourself is how much you liked the original carpet back when it was new? This will help guide you in your next choice in terms of color, thickness, material, and a host of other issues.
  • Ask yourself where it’s going to go. The next important question is to consider what part of the boat you want to be covered. Are you looking to replace carpet over a part that will be constantly exposed to the elements and the sun? Are you talking about marine carpet replacement below the decks, where you can be sure of a lot less wet and a lot fewer UV rays? Thinking about where it’s going to go will also include considering how much traffic the carpet is likely to see and whether or not you can expect frequent spills and stains, whether from food or from fishing.
  • Plan out your budget.Whenever you make a significant purchase it’s always a good idea to do this ahead of time. Think about what you can really afford and what you’re willing to spend. Don’t forget that padding, special coatings, and installation will add on to the final price.
  • How much carpet are you going to need? Another question to ask yourself is precisely how much carpet you’re going to need. You may know the size of your boat, but how much are you actually planning to cover with the new carpet? Be sure to measure this out carefully before you start pricing options or you we will be frustrated before you even begin.
  • Ask yourself how long you expect the new carpet or flooring to last. How long do you want your marine carpet replacement to last? While a lot of people might answer “as long as possible,” this isn’t a silly question. Are you the type of person who likes variety and wants to change things up on a regular basis? What is the possibility that you’ll want new boat flooring in a year or two? Are you using your boat for fishing, and does that make a lot of mess? In that case, the carpet or flooring may technically be still in good shape, but you may have spilled so much on it that you’ll be ready to replace it before it’s actually worn out.
  • Can I get some samples? If you are just starting the process and aren’t sure exactly what you want, contact boat flooring providers and ask for some color swatches of the flooring you’re interested in. Sometimes it’s a lot easier to make the right decision when you can see the replacement on your boat and out in the sun for yourself.

Almost 10% of Americans are thinking about taking up fishing. Most of us, 95%, live within an hour’s drive of a body of water we can navigate by boat. We use our boats for fishing, for water sports, for family vacations, for relaxing alone, and even for tailgating! At the University of Washington, fans of the Huskies have been tailgating by boat since the 1920s. Whatever you use your watercraft for, your boat carpet is essential to protecting the investment, keeping you safe, and increasing your enjoyment of your boat. When it’s time for marine carpet replacement, think carefully about what you want and about your budget and then contact marine carpet providers near you to find out how to get the best boat flooring for your boat.

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