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The Art Of Brunch Why The Middleground Between Breakfast And Lunch Has Taken Off In America


Millions of weddings are conducted every single year. How can you make yours stand out?

It’s time to embrace the art of the family brunch. There’s something delightful about getting together with close friends for a dining event that’s both casual and refined. In fact, the brunch menu is a unique creation that’s starting to see a revival across the country. Would you rather try a unique ethnic cuisine to add some spice to a standard affair? Maybe you want to go for a classic American brunch menu next to a championship golf course. There are a lot of beautiful options to choose and the list below will narrow down some of the best.

You’ve got planning to do and only so much time to do it. Let’s look at what goes into the best golf game and how you can make your brunch menu stand out.

Interesting Wedding Facts

Whether you’ve thrown five weddings or are getting your feet wet with just one, you’ll be curious to know how weddings are faring around the world. The United States alone sees millions of weddings brought to light on an annual basis, despite married couples having been on the decline over the past decade and a half. Many weddings are held at golf courses and venue halls to get people both involved in the procedures while still upholding a classic tradition. Could a golf tournament be a fun way to liven up your reception?

Golf Around The World

You may be wondering how golf and brunch go together. Ask any professional caterer or receptionist hall owner and they’ll be the first to tell you exactly why they shouldn’t be apart! Golf first originated in Scotland as a popular pasttime, eventually being brought over to the United States and spreading like wildfire. By the time the 1900’s arrived there were over 1,000 golf clubs in the country. Golf is fun for being an involving sport that’s still simple enough to pick up and play.

The Origin Of Brunch

You know about the origin of golf. What about the origin of brunch? According to historians brunch first began in England and took three decades to start catching on in the United States. A middleground between a light breakfast and a hearty lunch, brunch is just as much a social event as it is a simple meal. The brunch menu is a popular choice for weddings today, particularly when it comes to a specialized holiday brunch that can only be enjoyed at a certain time of year.

Popular Wedding Trends

It can help to know which wedding trends are most popular, though you should never feel limited by what everyone else is doing. Hudson Valley Weddings offered a few statistics recently, discovering around 35% of weddings are now outdoor occasions. The average budget for a wedding ceremony and reception hovers at $28,000, as well. Back in 2013 brides spent an average of $1,100 on their rehearsal dinners or their brunch menu.

Creating A Brunch Menu For 2018

You’ve already learned how to book a party and you’re feeling pretty good about crafting the best golf game for your reception. What about creating a brunch menu to get people talking? A brunch menu is just like any other menu, needing to take into account tasty recipes and dietary limitations. Make sure to check if anyone in your guest list has allergies or alternative diets so you’re not leaving anyone in the dark. A recent survey revealed 65% of respondents preferring ethnic-inspired breakfast and brunch menu items, as well.

A round of golf and a tasty dish…what better way to celebrate such a memorable occasion?

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