Sport Fishing Can Be a Family Activity


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How many families out there long to spend more time with one another away from the distractions of television, email, and smartphones? Some choose to get away from it all by camping, but there are other alternatives. A day, weekend or week of sport fishing can be a great way to spend time with the entire family with no technological distractions. It?s hard to surf online while fishing, but conversation becomes infinitely easier.

Sport Fishing with the Family

You can do a fishing tour as part of an exciting and memorable family vacation. Many people assume that sport fishing is a male dominated sport, and they are correct. However, some of the latest estimates indicate that more children are interested in sport fishing than ever before. Out of the 55 million people who took a fishing charter In 2013, about 10 million were children between the ages of 7 and 17 who enjoyed a day of deep sea fishing. People are often even more surprised when they find out that more than one-quarter of those engaging in sports fishing are women. This makes a fishing trip a perfect opportunity for a family outing. It?s a great way to spend time together in nature, and it?s an activity the whole family can enjoy together.

The Safety of Sports Fishing

Sport fishing can be one of the safest sports, but that depends entirely on all members of the team following best safety practices. Just like football players need to wear a helmet and pads, sports fishing vessels need to be sure their safety measures are being followed. Fortunately, the United States Coast Guard inspects larger vessels annually. These vessels must adhere to the strictest of guidelines and have all required safety features current and operational condition. People enjoying a fishing tour on one of these vessels can feel secure in the safety of their trip.

Unfortunately, the majority of deep-sea fishing vessels are what are known in the industry as six packs. A sick pack is a vessel that can hold no more than six passengers. By some estimates, these types of boats make up to 90 percent of the charter boats facilitating sport fishing services. While there is nothing inherently unsafe about fishing on a six pack, they are not inspected by the Coast Guard. This means that all safety maintenance and inspections are carried out by the owner of the vessel.

Sport fishing may not be the obvious choice for a family looking for vacation ideas, but it can end up being one of the best. Deep sea fishing encourages good communication and a sense of teamwork that can give purpose to the outing and help strengthen relationships. Children and women often find they enjoy the sport far more than they had imagined once they?ve had a little practice. After all, a day in the sun floating on the open sea is relaxing and invigorating experience even if you don?t land a big one.

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