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Tactical Gear, The Uses, and Everything In Between


Ballistic body armor

The world of tactical gear can be pretty polarizing amongst most people. There are some people who are not as interested in the idea of casual citizens having access to tactical gear and weapons. However, some people believe it is actually very important for people to have access to these things.
body armor or other kinds of gear, police officers definitely will. this is because being a police officer can be quite dangerous in terms of everyday life. As a matter of fact, recent government data has pointed to the idea that over the past decade, there were nearly 60,000 assaults each year on police officers.

Over one-third of law enforcement officer deaths over the last 10 years were caused by gunshots, making shootings the second leading cause of police officer death right behind vehicular accidents. This is why police safety is important and it is why law enforcement safety utilizes police tactical gear to protect officers of the law.

Over the past three decades, nearly 3,000 law enforcement officers have been saved because of tactical gear. In New York City alone, nearly 87 police officers have been saved by the help of body armor since the year of 1978. This is why people believe in using tactical plate carrier items to help keep law enforcement officers safe.

The chance of dying from a gunshot wound to the torso is 3.4 times higher for officers who do not wear armor vests. This stat is a strong example of why utilizing protective gear is so important for police officers. These types of items can be properly utilized to keep officers safe on their daily patrols.

According to a survey by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 71% of local police departments in 2013 required officers to wear armor vests at all times. So this means that more and more police departments are buying into the idea of using tactical gear to help protect officers. This is a great way to help keep families at ease while police officers are patrolling and doing their job.

Just about 20% of the officers who died from a gunshot wound to the torso while wearing body armor died because they were shot with ammunition that was more powerful than their body armor’s capability to stop it. When these types of statistics continue to point to how tactical gear is important, there will be more and more officers utilizing this type of safety equipment.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has collected some data surrounding the year of 206 and the number of police officer deaths. The data collected has revealed that in the year of 2016 alone, nearly 66 law enforcement officers were criminally killed. However, some of these deaths could be prevented by properly utilizing tactical gear.

Of the 66 law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty in 2016, 62 were assaulted with firearms. According to the FBI, 33 law enforcement officers were feloniously killed with their own weapon in the 10 years. As the years go on, more and more police departments will wise up and utilize tactical gear for optimal safety.

In Conclusion

Every single year there are police officers that are slain while on the duty. While this is a dangerous job, it is important that these people are kept safe. These are the brave men and women that sign up to protect the lives of everyone in the United States from crime and danger. It is only right that in return, they are protected as well so that they can go home to their families safely every day!

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