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Things You Need to Know About Bat Shaving


In ‘professional baseball and softball, there is a common practice called baseball bat shaving and rolling. However, it is important to understand what rolled baseball bats and rolled slowpitch softball bats mean for the player and the game in general. The use of doctored bats is not a new concept and has been in existence for some years now. Bat shaving involves thinning the inside wall of the bat in order to increase the trampoline effect of the bat thereby hitting the ball farther. This is done by removing the bat’s cap and using a cutting tool to remove a portion of the wall. Once this is done, the cap is placed back securely using a strong epoxy completing the shaving process. For many players, seeking doctored fastpitch softball bats for sale as well as baseball bats is meant to improve their overall performance in their respective sport. There is bound to be major improvement in the sport when the player uses doctored fastpitch softball bats for sale compared to using the normal bats.

With skeptics questioning whether rolled and shaved bats really work, subsequent studies have established that doctored fastpitch softball bats for sale and rolled and shaved baseball bats for sale helps the bat gain anywhere between 30 and 60ft. This can go even higher depending on how the shaved bat is used as well as the proficiency of the player in the sport. As earlier stated, bat shaving involves thinning the inner wall of the bat in order to make it more flexible and increase the trampoline effect once a ball is batted. By compressing more, the doctored fastpitch softball bats for sale or baseball improves the trampoline effect upon impact with the ball. This effect can be equated to pulling a bow farther before shooting an arrow. Before considering doctored fastpitch softball bats for sale, it is important to understand that baseball and softball associations consider bat shaving to be illegal. The practice is considered as altering the bat which gives a player unfair advantage in the sports compared to those using normal bats. This is the reason why shaved are mostly used for practice purposes and not professionally in the sports. There are lower tier leagues that allow the use of shaved bats especially in non-competitive games such as a home-run derby.

The use of shaved bats in a controlled environment or for batting practice can improve the overall performance of the player in the sport. This means that once in the competitive setting of the sport, using the normal bat will not affect to a greater extent how the player bats the ball. –So how exactly can one tell whether a baseball or softball bat has been shaved? With the right equipment, it is easy to tell whether a bat has been shaved. One of the most straightforward ways of identifying a shaved bat is by opening the cap and looking down the barrel. There is also what is referred to as the barrel compression test that measures the stiffness of the bat. If it is found that the bat flexes way below the allowed limits as spelled out by the sports associations, then the bat is considered to have been shaved. You can also compare a bat with a similar one especially by comparing the distance the ball is hit and trying to see if there is much difference. A shaved bat has a significant increase of the distance that the ball travels after being hit. With so much misinformation regarding the use of shaved and rolled bats, having the right information on why bats are shaved and rolled is one of the ways of improving your performance in the sport-as long as you understand the restrictions to the said use of shaved and rolled baseball and softball bats.

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