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Vertical Charcoal Smokers to Bring Back Your Favorite Meal


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Everyone has their favorite holiday. It might be the festivities around Christmas, with the family traditions, shopping for presents, favorite familiar tunes, and holiday cheer. It could be Easter, with the fun of finding eggs and taking in the fresh notes of spring. Perhaps it is Halloween, the day that combines tricks and treats and dressing up and maybe some hot apple cider as well. Or maybe it is Independence Day, in the heat of the wonderfully sunny summer months, watching the fireworks and grilling brats or burgers next to the pool or on the beach. There is something special that marks each and every holiday, and for many, it has to do with the food that they associate with that holiday or time of year.

Connecting your senses with your memories and feelings

We human beings are indeed strange creatures. The customs and traditions that we carry out religiously could be considered ridiculous by the rest of the animal kingdom. And yet, there is so much that sets us apart, so many reasons why we cling to those familiar traditions and actions that often bring on nostalgia. This life is complex, and it can have its share of difficulties. So when there are memories worth hanging onto, good memories that can bring with them a smile, or hope that everything, however currently bleak, can get better, we do all that we can to recall them with the utmost clarity and frequency.

The thing about memories is that they are often connected to specific places, people, events, tastes, or smells. It is the sense of smell that is most strongly connected to memory, which is why a lot of people associate a particular food with a certain memory. It is often the smell of that specific dish that triggers the memory, rather than the taste of it. But regardless of which sense it is, reliving or relishing in that memory can be a beautiful thing. And if that wonderful memory of yours is related to the best smoked meat you have ever had, you might want to consider looking in to vertical charcoal smokers so that you can recreate that beautiful meal and beautiful memory whenever you wish.

Exploring the best ways to smoke meat

If you are a professional at smoking meats, you may already have your preferred standing smoker, or have your eye on the latest versions of the best vertical charcoal smokers. If you are new to the world of smoking meat, you might have some research to do. Chances are, if it was the memory of a favorite meal that drove you to explore vertical charcoal smokers, there is someone in your life is has some experience with one and can advise you on what to invest in. You can also check out reviews to find the top rated vertical smokers.

But there is more to learn than just which smoker is the best. You will want to know how to manage the temperatures, what the temperature of the meat needs to be in order to be safe to serve and eat, and how to properly clean the smoker. It may take a few attempts before you get the perfectly smoked meat that you remember. One helpful tip for the smoking process is to only apply sauce over the course of the final 15 to 30 minutes that the meat is in the smoker, so that you avoid too much browning or burning.

Around 75% of households across the country own a grill or a smoker. And the majority of people choose the Fourth of July to grill out, whether they own their own smoker or grill or not. Recreate your favorite summer holiday memories and make new ones as well. Start by browsing the best vertical charcoal smokers.

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