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Wakeboarding, Swimming And Fishing, Oh My! Why Water Sports Are Taking Off In America


It might be cold now, but summer will be back before you know it. How will you spend your vacation?

A patio boat isn’t a bad place to start, though you can always try out a jet ski rental to shake things up. Perhaps you’re someone who likes to get fit during the warm months and want to get more involved in swimming. Whatever floats your boat, water sports are a fun and cool way to enjoy the weather. The United States is well-known for its thriving boat culture and sees millions of Americans flocking to their favorite areas of choice every year for some fun in the sun. Choosing your next new favorite is as easy as looking inside and asking what makes you tick.

Future fitness goddess? Camping guru? You name it, the boating industry’s got it!

Wakeboarding For The First Time

Never gone wakeboarding before? Make next year the year you flex your muscles and try something new. A few studies have been conducted recently by boating companies and lifestyle firms to determine what’s got everyone buzzing come summer and spring. It’s been found at least 20% of Millennials participate in water sports, whether it’s buying a patio boat for recreation or swimming. Wakeboarding is both thrilling and easy to learn. It involves the surfer trailing behind a motorboat on a small surfboard, perfect for the lake or the beach.

Buying A Pontoon Boat

You might be more interested in a calming, recreational activity where you can soak in the rays and just appreciate the flow of the water. Personal watercraft has been taking off these past few years. A 2017 study showed nearly 15% of the American population actively participating in water sports, with boating widely considered to be a common middle-class activity. In fact, as many as 85 million American adults regularly boat for relaxation or bonding purposes. The benefits of a pontoon boat run the gamut of saving you money and giving you extra enjoyment during your vacation time.

The Thrill Of The Jet Ski

Let’s go right back to thrills. If you want to feel the spray on your face and enjoy some high-octane activities during your summer outing, the jet ski is the perfect gift to yourself. A single jet ski can accommodate between one to four adults, depending on the model you buy. Interested in a fun fact? Back in the day you had to stand up to ride the very first jet skis, until the 1980’s introduced a more flexible model that let you stand, crouch, and sit. Make sure to adhere close to your manufacturing guide and avoid overloading your model!

Good, Old-Fashioned Swimming

Making waves with a boat is well and good…but maybe you’re the type to just want old-fashioned swimming. Water sports are the perfect way of staying cool when the sweltering heat threatens to get you down. Swimming is also a good method of getting fit. Not only does it work out all your muscles, it also puts enough strain on your heart to pump it to perfection without overloading your system. Running a few laps two or three times a week will go a long way in preventing cardiovascular disease, among other things!

Planning Out Your Fun In The Sun

It’s time to figure out which boat will suit you best next year. A jet ski rental might be in order if you’re interested in a new sport but aren’t quite sure if you want to commit. A patio boat is great for leisurely activities like mingling and swimming with the family. A pontoon boat can be used for fishing or swimming, particularly if you’ve bought a boat before and want to get back into the swing of things. Don’t be afraid to ask your boat dealer questions about maximum capacity, general maintenance, and issues with transportation.

Summer will be here before you know it. Enjoy it in style with a wakeboard boat or patio boat.

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