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Why a Golf Couse is the Perfect Wedding Venue


For anyone looking for romantic wedding places, party venues like public golf courses are a great choice. With sweeping vistas backed by woods, gracious club buildings and excellent service, they offer everything to make that special day even more memorable. As a practical matter, they also have indoor spaces to which you can retreat if the weather turns bad. With all these facilities, it can be easy to pull together a wedding party that will be remembered by all guests.

Outdoor wedding places create a romantic atmosphere
More and more people are choosing outdoor settings for their wedding ceremony. There’s something about the unmatched natural beauty of outdoor settings like gardens, beaches, and rustic mountain retreats that add to the solemnity of the occasion. More than a third, or 35% of all weddings are now held in outdoor settings, according to Hudson Valley Weddings.Spectacular backdrops like woods, rivers, mountains and the ocean add to visual details of the ceremony.
At the same time, it can be important to keep in mind the comfort of your guests and older relatives. If you want your grandparents to be part of one of the most important days of your life, you want to be sure that they can actually reach the venue, and be comfortable during the event. Wedding venues like public golf courses offer the best of both worlds, with beautiful outdoor settings and gracious interiors. They’re also experienced in hospitality and catering.

Choosing country club weddings
A public golf course is actually one of the best locations to book a party, brunch or wedding. Not only do you get a special setting, you get gracious spaces with everything needed to host a memorable event. With a backdrop of spring blossoms, summer gardens or autumn colors, impeccably landscaped, it is the ideal location in any season.
And in practical terms, it’s an easy location for your guests to reach, with both indoor and outdoor facilities for seating, dining, and dancing. So no matter what the weather decides to do on the day itself, you can be sure of a stellar wedding venue. For older guests, and those who don’t want to walk the spreading lawns in spiky heels, there are reception rooms with chandeliers, seating and music.

Some practical matters
One thing to keep in mind: like you, many other people may have decided that a public golf course is one of the best places to have a wedding, and they get booked quickly. So it may help to begin planning in advance and make your booking well ahead of time, to avoid disappointment.
Venues like public golf courses are well versed in the arts of hospitality and can help ensure that the food and service matches the setting. They can even help to mark the season with festive decor and appropriate music. They also have experience in catering, and can provide both classic and trendy choices of cuisine like ethnic hors de oeuvre.

A natural backdrop provides a stunning setting for one of the most important days of your life. Public golf courses are a popular choice for outdoor weddings, in any season. You can be sure that your guests will get the finest in food and service as they join you in your celebrations.

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