Why You Should Take Your Kid To Soccer Camp This Summer


Youth soccer tournament

Spring is on its way, which means summer is right around the corner. Are your children ready to enjoy the great outdoors? Soccer is one of the most popular outdoor sports in the United States, boasting millions in attendance year after year and cementing itself as one of the best ways to have fun, get fit and make friends. There are many ways to learn how to play soccer, too, from soccer camps for kids to college recruiting soccer camps for those looking to take it a step further. Not sure where to start looking for your kid’s next great recreational activity? Let’s take a look at why soccer is going to likely remain the reigning champion for years to come.

How Many Kids Play Soccer?

Did you know an estimated 60% of children playing organized sports across America choose to play outside of school? Indeed, sports aren’t seen as just an obligation — they’re a way of life! An estimated 284,000 boys play high school soccer alongside 209,000 girls. This number is even higher when you take into account elementary and junior high.

Where Did Soccer Come From?

It doesn’t hurt to brush up on a little history. The game of soccer (or rather, football) first began in 1863 all the way back in England. Due to its unique style and significant health benefits it soon spread across the world, becoming the popular sport we all know and love today. There are a multitude of professional soccer teams that regularly come together to compete for various championships. College recruiting soccer camps have people with years of experience in the sport seeking out promising future athletes.

How Does Soccer Work?

Soccer is rather unique from other sports as it’s completely hands-off. The game of soccer involves 11 players on each team using their head, torso and legs to pass a ball back and forth. Soccer involves running, walking, jumping and sprinting for up to 90 minutes at a time — this is notable for increasing endurance, promoting muscle growth and boosting personal morale. Children aren’t just encouraged to play soccer for physical fitness. It’s also a great way to make friends!

How Does Soccer Improve A Kid’s Social Skills?

Soccer is a fantastic sport for its variety of societal, physical and emotional health benefits. Each year more than 14 million children and adults will attend camp in the United States, with soccer being one of the most popular choices during their stay. Recent surveys have shown up to 62% of children playing organized sports do so to interact further with their friends.

Should I Take My Child To Soccer?

With summer camps opening up their doors soon and the weather ripe for some outdoor fun, it stands to reason college recruiting soccer camps or a soccer training program for summer is in your kids’ future! Over 96% of summer campers say that camp helped them make new friends, with another 92% saying camp helped them feel better about themselves. Each year over 400 different soccer scholarships are available to boys with 800 for girls — soccer camps and soccer tours can be a great way of getting future recruiters’ attention. Ready to enjoy the hot weather?

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