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5 Tips for Keeping Your Boat Looking and Running Like New


Custom marine carpet

A boat lets you take charge of your leisure time like nothing else. Whatever you like to do on your boat, upkeep on your craft is key to keeping its value high: both monetarily and to you and your family. Since 95% of people in the United States live within an easy drive of somebody of water big enough to be navigable, chances are your boat has high value to you for the pleasure it can bring.

  • Boat maintenance is an expected part of ownership. Upkeep on your watercraft runs an average annual cost of a tenth of the price you paid for it. This should include marine boat carpet or EVA flooring, engine repair and maintenance, lighting, and anything else you need to keep your boat in the right condition.
  • Don’t neglect seasonal care. This is especially important for winter season care. To de-winterize your boat makes sure you’ve checked the belts, oil, and battery, drained the cooling system and its hoses, and topped off the fuel tank. YOu’ll also want to make sure all safety equipment is in good shape. This includes the fire extinguishers, floatation devices, radio, flares, anchor and more.
  • Think about what your flooring looks and feels like. Make sure your boat flooring is in good shape. Few things detract from the enjoyment of your boat more than problems with your marine boat carpet or the aquasmat. Your choice of marine boat carpet ties together your interior, and new carpet on a boat will help you get rid of that musty odor, as well as the stains from salt, sand, grit, and those spilled drinks. New boat carpet is also safer against slips and slides. The whole boat will look and feel new again with a new carpet.
  • Upgrading your marine boat carpet is a good idea, too. If you go with standard flooring, you’re getting something that likely doesn’t fit well and has to be replaced often. It will be prone to growing mold and will show every stain. Custom boat carpet is going to be a much better option for the long term.
  • Consider all the issues when you get your marine boat carpet. You want to think about carpet length. While thick shag feels comfortable initially, it quickly gets dirty, so a shorter shag is going to last a lot better. The color is also important. A darker shade will typically hide wear and stains better than a lighter shade. Finally, make sure you get the professional installation to make sure the fit is perfect.

You bought a boat: now enjoy it! Do your maintenance so it stays in good shape, and don’t neglect quality marine boat carpet for both looks and safety. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your boat.

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