6 Motorcycle Rules For a Safe Ride


Motorcycles can be fun and entertaining when ridden the proper way. Knowing how to ride is just as important as following all rules while riding. Some rules are obvious while others may not be, but they are all important for experienced and beginner riders.

Be Noticeable

Sometimes cars have a hard time noticing motorcycles on the road. This means that motorcycle riders must do more in order to make sure that they are seen by other motorists. Bright colors will attract more attention than darker colors. If you are going to look for motorcycle apparel for men or motorcycle apparel for women then you should avoid brown and black colors and choose more vibrant louder colors.

Motorcycle Brakes

There are many motorcycle brake parts that you can choose and many different types of brakes, but one is safer and could end up saving your life. Choosing motorcycle brakes that are ABS means that you are far less likely to be involved in a fatal crash compared to regular motorcycle brakes. ABS motorcycle brake parts help the driver keep control. Hitting the brakes abruptly can easily lock up the wheels and make steering almost impossible. Motorcycle brake parts that are ABS brakes allow the rider to still maintain control while hitting the brakes on a motorcycle.


There have been numerous reports showing over and over that a helmet can help reduce the risk of a fatal head injury in the event the rider is in a crash. Helmets are meant to take the brunt of the impact and cushion the blow to your head. Without a helmet riders are 40% more likely to sustain a serious head injury. Check your helmet every time that you ride. Wear and tear can make your helmet less safe, meaning it won’t protect as well in the event of a crash.

Stay Awake

Riding tired can easily cause a small mistake to turn into a life threatening one. Riders should ensure that they stop every so many miles to stretch relieve any fatigue. Try stopping every 75 to 100 miles for a break. This makes sure that you stay alert and focused while riding.

Check Your Bike

Always be sure to check your bike to make sure it is in proper operating condition before heading out. Also make sure to periodically check things when stopping if you’re riding a long distance. Things like motorcycle brake parts and tires are important to routinely check. Improper balancing of a tire can shorten the tire life drastically, so check it every 500 to 1000 miles to make sure they are properly balanced. After riding you should check your tires for pressure gained. Anything over 10% indicates that the tires are working too hard. Lastly check your helmet and inspect for signs of wear.

Follow Traffic Rules
The speed limit is the big deal here. Remember that is a safe speed for someone to travel on a certain road, and motorcycles are no different. Also keep in mind that the faster you are going on your motorcycle, the longer it is going to take you to stop. Remember how important an escape route is as well. Always watch your surroundings and know what is going on, this way you can easily escape any potential harm because others are not paying attention. Just as drivers are cautioned to slow down on wet roads, the same thing goes for motorcycles. Make sure to slow down especially on turns and especially when stopping. Make sure when riding in a group that the group obeys the laws for lane position. If laws state only one cycle per lane, then don’t ride side by side in the same lane as this can creat a potentially dangerous situation.

These rules can help save your life while enjoying a bike ride. Of course there are other rules that should be followed and rules and laws will vary by state, so be sure to educate yourself on the motorcycle laws where you live. Knowing the rules and abiding by the laws can ensure that you motorcycle ride doesn’t turn into an adventure you wish you could forget.

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