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3 Considerations to Make While Finding a Pontoon Boat


Statistics show that 95% of all people living in the United States are within a one hour’s drive from a body of water that is navigable with the utilization of the right type of watercraft. One of the best ways for friends and family to get together while out on the water is with a pontoon boat. That being said, it’s understandable to want to find out about more about these types of watercraft before looking at pontoon boats for sale. Here are three common considerations to make before purchasing a pontoon boat.

  • Maximum Seating Capacity

    Pontoon boats tend to be utilized for group travel. Therefore, you’ll want to determine how many people you’ll regularly plan on bringing with you in your boat. For instance, those wanting to keep the number of guests small can find a pontoon boat with a lower seating requirement. That being said, others might want to find a large pontoon boat that is more suited for larger parties.
  • Horsepower Concerns

    Another important concern while finding a pontoon boat for sale is its speed. Statistics show that a pontoon boat with a 115hp engine will be able to reach speeds of 22 miles per hour while holding its maximum capacity of 11 passengers. The average pontoon boat can reach speeds of about 31 miles per hour with one person on board but these speeds would decrease with the addition of more occupants.
  • The Inclusion of Safety Features

    Part of the fun associated with finding a pontoon boat for sale is noticing the many features these boats often have. That being said, it’s important that a driver remains able to see all around while operating a pontoon boat. Considering that, you might find that you’re looking for pontoon boats with a raised driver’s helm. Another popular addition to any pontoon boat is a bow deck. Bow decks are attachments that are fitted around the end of a pontoon boat. In turn, bow decks make boarding and exiting a pontoon boat much easier, giving passengers ample room for stepping.

In conclusion, it’s perfectly understandable to have certain requests met while finding a pontoon boat for sale. One common consideration to make is how much seating space you’ll want your pontoon boat to have. In addition to space considerations, it makes sense to need a certain amount of horsepower. A pontoon boat with more horsepower than another is suited for activities including kneeboarding or tubing. It’s also common to want your pontoon boat to have safety features including a raised driver’s helm in order to see everything around you.

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