Sports Radio 610 Cleaning rubber,Cleaning rubber flooring,Cleaning rubber mats Are You Having Trouble Keeping the Gym Clean for Your PE Classes?

Are You Having Trouble Keeping the Gym Clean for Your PE Classes?


How to clean a weight room floor

High school sporting events are among the most popular pastimes in the United States. According to the National Federation of State High School Associations, more people attend high school sports events than attend the same sports at the college and professional levels each year.

Your gym is essential to any successful sporting event. You need to keep indoor sports surfaces clean and safe to not only ensure a good match, but to also make sure attendees are treated to a great looking venue. It’s no stretch to say that your gym is the crown jewel of your school. You should treat it that way.

As you know too well, cleaning rubber floors in your gym can be a real pain in the neck. Dirt, sweat, drinks: all of it settles on top of your gym surfaces, making it look like you house zoo animals, not teenagers. If you want to make cleaning rubber flooring less of a hassle and keep your gymnasium sparkling for every event, follow these tips.

Three Tips for Cleaning Rubber Floors and Keeping Them Clean

    Keep Dirt-Trapping Mats in the Entrances
    One of the simplest ways to keep your gym clean is to place fibrous mats in each entrance. The mats will attract most of the dirt and detritus on your visitors’ and players’ shoes, resulting in a lot less work for you later on. As an added bonus, mats are generally quite cheap.

    Sweeping Can Go a Long Way
    As writes, most rubberized gymnasium surfaces are treated with special chemicals and laminated so that any foreign matter settles on top of your mats or flooring. Subsequently, unless you have deep stains that have been left to set in for a while, a good broom and mop with hot, soapy water is usually all you need to keep your gym floor clean.

    Invest in a Specialized Vacuum
    Especially if your gym is older, dirt and other particles can easily settle in between sections of your floor and actually soak into your rubber mats. If this is the case, the IDEA Health and Fitness Association recommends purchasing or renting a specialized deep-cleaning vacuum that can literally suck the grime out of your floors and mats, restoring them to an almost-new condition.

As you can see, cleaning rubber mats and floors is essential to putting out the right image at your sporting events. However, that doesn’t mean cleaning rubber floors has to be difficult. Follow these tips, clean your gym up, and make sure parents’ and fans’ focus is always on the game. Ger more information on this topic here:

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