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Plan Your Outdoor Wedding With the Perfect Tent in Mind


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If celebrities have taught us anything, it is that outdoor weddings can be the most elegant, memorable ceremonies of all. The lighting, wedding linen rentals, chairs and decor can all match the beautiful surroundings of a spacious and luscious, green backyard or park. Guests can be treated to the open air, and warm breeze, if your wedding is during the summer or where the weather is always kind. You can also shelter your guests with an expansive party tent rental that protects them from any unexpected showers.

While you might shrivel your nose at the idea of enclosing your guests in what often looks like a huge plastic sheet with a point at the top, you may not realize how many tent options you actually have. Many party rental companies offer several different kinds of tents and canopy rentals that can enhance the elegance of your wedding.

The more common party rental tent is the tension pole peaked tent. This tent is usually either round with a peak or a longer tent that has several different poles to hold the structure up. The swooping fabric on the inside of the tent can add visual interest and an element of height and grandeur to the entire area. These tents come in various sizes, with some of the largest ones topping off at 60′ X 90′. Although they can be large, many couples opt for multiple smaller ones in order to accommodate a catering section for the food, and also split the guests up into groups. Several tents also evoke the feeling of being at an event with multiple attractions.

Another popular choice is a frame tent. These tents do not require as many stakes for tension, which reduces the number of poles throughout the entire tent. There is also more freedom to choose the type of fabric used to cover the top of the structure. Rouged and layered fabric can be fitted to the metal frame to mimic the pleated fabric you might find at older opera or theater box seats. With a lighter fabric, the sunlight will still be able to shine through, all the while protecting guests from the elements. Frame tents tend to be the most expensive because of their versatility, and can cost upwards of $5,000 depending on the size.

A clear top tent could also be the perfect wedding party rental. These tents are less common, but can offer a classy, tasteful accent to wedding decor, and let the most amount of natural light in. During the day, extra lighting can be completely skipped as the sun will provide enough of it, and at night, lighting strung on the beams at the top of a clear top tent can look like stars twinkling in the distance. These tents can be up to 50′ long, and are typically a cheaper tent option. Most clear top tents can be rented for under $2,000.

Regardless of the tent, the it is important for couples to remember that they should let their surroundings dictate the type of the tent they rent, and what kind of decorations they use. The flowers, bushes, trees, and sky color should all play a part in the decor, and will offer valuable guidance on how to create the perfect outdoor wedding. Find more on this here.

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