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Be Like the Royal Family and Give Skiing a Try


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As usual, the royal family is inspiring people around the world — and this week, that inspiration is in the form of skiing. They may be among the most famous faces in the world, yet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were still able to have a quiet Alpine ski weekend this past week with their two young children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Even the Royal Family Enjoys Hitting the Slopes Every Winter

As usual, the Duchess was fashionable yet consciousness, wearing the same outfit pictured in 2010 when the couple were skiing with their parents. Kate?s ski outfit consisted of a white ski jacket with red ski pants, along with a pom-pom hat. The family had professional photographs taken of their excursion outside of the exclusive Chalet Lalisa, located in Courchevel.

For the royal family, skiing is nothing new; in fact, both William and Harry have been taking ski trips since they were children, and this year seems to be no exception, at least for William.

If the royal family has inspired you to take up skiing lessons, don?t worry! You won?t need to fly to a pricey, exclusive chalet in the swiss Alps in order to have a good time. There are numerous ski slopes located all across America, and getting prepped for them is easier than you may think.

Ski Equipment Doesn’t Need to be Intimidating

Though many people feel intimidated by all the ?add ons? skiing requires, the truth is, you don?t need to start your skiing experience with $700 worth of equipment. Instead, those new to the sport are better off renting their ski equipment for the first year. Not only will this allow you to make sure you?re committed to the sport, but it can also give you time to figure out what style you like. Skis come in a variety of shapes, lengths and brands that can all feel a bit different on the slope, and depending on your ski style.

Though it makes sense to lease skis, you?re likely going to want to buy ski helmets, jackets and pants. There really aren?t any companies that rent clothing out and — when you?re going to be wearing it every time you ski — you want clothing that fits, is comfortable, and keeps you warm and dry.

If you’re ready to jump into skiing and renting ski equipment, follow William and Kate’s example and ski with friends or family! This will make your excursions more enjoyable — and you’ll have someone who wants to sit with you in the lodge later and drink hot chocolate!

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