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Exploring the Versatility of Modern Tactical Tomahawks


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Tomahawk axes are hatchet-like tools and weapons created by the original inhabitants of North America, the Native Americans. While combat tomahawks were commonly used for self-defense and during times of war, the Native Americans also considered tomahawks to be multipurpose tools, and used them to carry out a variety of tasks related to bushcraft such as chopping, digging, and preparing hides. Tomahawks were also thrown for sport during competitions.

Soon, European settlers adopted the tomahawk and began using it. Soon, Britain’s Royal Navy began making their own metal-tipped tomahawks and several other armed forces, such as those in United States, followed suite. Fast forward to today, and little has changed from original tomahawk’s design and purpose.

Tactical tomahawks differ from fighting or combat tomahawks in that they are not used in hand to hand or CQC (close quarters combat), but rather, are designed to execute a number of tactical tasks. Military personnel and law enforcement agencies such as the Border Patrol, Department of Justice, and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) use modern tomahawks for search and rescue operations as well as breaking through tough material such as glass, metal, and wood. Tactical tomahawks are also used for breaching and prying. In fact, for some branches of the U.S. military, tactical tomahawks are standard gear.

There are some combat tomahawks, such as the Kalihawk, which are designed for use with martial arts, however, most modern tomahawks are for tactical or bushcraft purposes.

With increased popularity of zombie apocalypse-themed television series and movies, some self-proclaimed doomsday preppers are adding tomahawks to their arsenal of survival gear. According to zombie apocalypse enthusiasts, tomahawks are the ideal weapon in that they’re easy to deploy, lightweight, and silent. In several zombie story lines, herds of the undead are inherently drawn to loud noises and sounds, which makes using a firearm dangerous. As such, hand help weapons are preferred and firearms are used in only in emergency situations.

Regardless of whether or not the zombie apocalypse will actually happen — it’s highly likely it won’t– the versatility of tactical tomahawks is unmatched.

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