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Three Reasons You Should Get Away From It All


Alaska fishing trip

Face it. You need a break. The nine-to-five lifestyle has worn down your mental faculties, and all those tedious little things that crop up every day have fried your nerves. You should consider getting away from it all.

What better way could there be to do that than with an escape to nature. Here are a few reasons you should get away and enjoy a slice of cabin life in Alaska.

Cabin Life Is Literally Good For You.

Believe it or not, cabin life is literally good for you. The study “Biophilia: Does Visual Contact with Nature Impact on Health and Well-Being?” actually suggests that the increase in conditions like obesity, attention disorders, and depression is in part due to a decrease in being exposed to nature. At the same time, enjoying the cabin lifestyle has been shown to relieve stress, improve mood, and restore a person’s mental faculties.

You Get to Enjoy Awesome Food.

Another great reason you should escape to Alaska’s nature is to give yourself the opportunity to enjoy all the delicious, traditional, camping foods. You can get away with eating less-than-nutritious foods for a couple days, like hot dogs, s’mores, or banana boats. Plus, cooking outdoors means that even if you make a mess, you won’t have to worry as much about clean up.

It’s Incredibly Affordable.

When you go to a popular tourist destination on vacation, you need to account for a lot of things in your budget. You have to consider the cost of travel, the cost of eating out all the time, the price of souvenirs, and more. When you’re enjoying the cabin life, all you have to worry about is the price of the lodge, the licenses, and the one-time-fee of groceries. That’s it. Why not get a bigger bang for your buck and go camping?

People take fishing trips in Alaska not just to enjoy King Salmon fishing and walk away with some great stories, they rent Kenai river fishing lodges to enjoy the cabin lifestyle and all it has to offer.

If you have any questions about the benefits of camping, feel free to ask in the comments.

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